Dramatic narrative, horror/thriller, television series. 44 minutes per episode, ten episodes per season.


In 1920’s Canada, a newly-hired female doctor works at an all-male logging camp that is in danger of being overrun by werewolves.


In 1920’s Canada, Dr. May Watson, fresh out of medical school, is unable to find employment in the city due to sexist views toward female doctors. On her way out west to hunt for a job, May stops to visit her estranged brother, WWI veteran George, at the logging camp where he is working. Against George’s wishes, May offers her services as a doctor to the company and gets hired as the new camp medic. Soon after starting the position, May learns the reason George wanted her to leave - the lumberjacks have been hiding a dark secret: werewolves are real.


The year is 1920. Canada is still recovering from the effects of “The Great War” (WWI). In the men’s absence, the women of Canada seized unprecedented opportunities. It is less than two years after women fought for and won the right to vote. Thousands of soldiers home from combat are struggling with “battle fatigue” (PTSD), and adapting to this new society where tense social lines are drawn between the roles of men and women. The country has changed and in Alberta, prohibition is the law of the land. Timber is a fish-out-of-water horror/thriller that follows Dr. May Watson, a well-off, educated, tenacious, young woman, as she navigates her way from big-city life in Ontario to a logging camp in the remote, untamed wilderness of Alberta to find her estranged brother. In an attempt to reconnect with her brother, George, May manages to get hired as the camp medic, her first job ever. At the camp, May must deal with the rampant sexism of the lumberjacks, performing medical procedures in unsanitary conditions, helping her brother with his PTSD, coping with living in the middle of nowhere, not to mention the werewolves. Once the werewolves are introduced, paranoia spreads like wildfire through the lumberjack camp — anyone could be infected.



Series Lead

May is strong-willed and extremely competent. What May lacks in experience as a doctor, she makes up for in skill. Growing up in an upper-class family run by a strict single father has sheltered May until now and this causes her to sometimes make naive mistakes. May wants to reconnect with her estranged brother, George, and feels the need to always help; two things that end up being her undoing.

May’s attributes that stand out the most are her problem solving skills and ability to think on her feet. A trained medical professional, May is able to diagnose not only her patients but also her own problems and those of the people around her. Unfortunately for May, this gets her into trouble, as her biggest weakness is that she has yet to learn not everyone needs help and not everything she perceives as a problem needs solving.


WWI Veteran

May’s stoic older brother. After returning from overseas, George found it difficult to reintegrate with society. Rather than dealing with his feelings, George retreated into a life far-removed from the civilized world and took up work as a lumberjack. George tries to be an honourable man but his ego and selfishness get in the way and he hurts the people he loves, mainly May.


Former Camp Foreman

The son of the former owner of the Ford Timber Company. After the company gets bought out by Consolidated Lumber Ltd., Curtis loses any hope of one day running his own logging company. To Curtis, new camp foreman Dick is the personification of Consolidated and Curtis undermines Dick any chance he can get. Curtis may not always be wrong, however his any-means-necessary approach and lack of moral compass put him in direct conflict with most of the other characters, especially Dick and May.


New Camp Foreman

When offered the job as a site foreman, Dick jumped at the opportunity. However, when he found out that he would be running a failing company he was disappointed. Dick is one of the only characters who judges May based on her ability, not her gender. He needs to prove himself by doing a good job and keeping his men safe; his skepticism and apprehension prevent Dick from being the great leader he could be.


The 44 page pilot script is complete along with an outline of the first season's episodes.


The project started as the short film Lone Wolf which was a top-ten finalist in the Big Rock Eddies Film Festival. Based on the success of that film, the team was able to receive funding from Telus STORYHIVE to create the sizzle reel.


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